Hello Kimball Residents! Here are the residential rules for Kimball Hall for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Quiet Hours

Weekdays: Sunday – Thursday    11 PM – 8 AM

Weekends: Friday – Saturday    1 AM – 9 AM

Common Space Reservations

Please see the Reservations page for policies regarding the reservation of common spaces.

Main Lounge, Meeting Room, Art Studio and other Public Spaces

When these spaces are open, please feel free to work on academic or creative projects in the Main Lounge, Meeting Room, Art Studio, and other public spaces. Be sure to clean up and store your materials and projects, leaving these spaces neat.

NO food or drinks may ever make contact with the pianos.

Individuals needing to reserve a single easel, drafting table or potter's wheel in the art studio may do so using the reservation system. This will not reserve the entire studio, but guarantee you access to the requested equipment at the time reserved. Please note that creative works in progress may not be left on the equipment in your absence. When not reserved, residents may use all equipment in the art studio freely.

Laundry Facility

The laundry room is free for all Kimball residents and transfers living outside of Kimball. There are six pairs of machines for a community of more than 200, however, so we must be mindful. To this end, please observe the following:

  • Please do not leave your laundry in the washers or dryers for more than a few minutes after its last cycle, and set phone timers to remind you when to collect or transfer your clothes.
  • If you find other peoples' clothes in all the washers, please DO NOT move them into empty dryers and start them drying. While this may seem like a courtesy, valuable clothes may be damaged if not intended for the driers. Instead, check with a staff member who will help locate the clothes' owners.
  • When possible, consider doing your laundry at less heavily trafficked times, e.g. try to avoid Sunday evenings.


To keep our bathrooms clean, please observe the following practices:

  • Please do not leave your items spread across public surfaces, but make use of cubbies.
  • Please do not use others’ bathroom supplies without permission, or move others’ items.
  • Please leave the bathroom clean and neat; remember to flush toilets and clean toothpaste out of sinks, etc. If you leave hair on the shower walls, please wipe that off and discard it in the trash.

Computer Cluster & Email List Etiquette

  • Food and all drinks except water (in bottles, not glasses or cups that may easily spill) are prohibited from the Computer Cluster. Liquid kills computers!
  • Don't take anything that belongs in the cluster out of the cluster. This includes chairs.
  • House E-mail Lists are intended for brief messages and publicity of campus events, not lengthy discussions. We have three mailings lists: announce, promote, and chat. Announce is used by staff to relay messages to the dorm. Promote is used by all to publicize events that might be going on within Kimball - this list will be moderated so as to ensure residents aren't bombarded with emails about the same subject. Chat is to be used by all residents for any questions/issues residents might like to raise.
  • For more information about the computer cluster, email, network or other technical issues, please contact our RCCs at kimball-rcc@rescomp.stanford.edu.

Lockout Policy

There's an easy lockout policy we're employing this year - RAs will let you back into your room a total of three times during the year. After that, ask your RA for assistance regarding the next steps. To save the number of times that you have to ask an RA to let you in, please contact your roommate FIRST in the event of a lockout.

Smoking Policy

There is to be no smoking or vaping anywhere within 30 feet of Kimball. The balconies on the third floor are not to be used for smoking or vaping of any kind.

ME 101 and other projects

Foam core and other similar materials can make some great projects, but they also create a giant mess.
Therefore, we have a this 5-point policy in place:

  1. Projects must be attended to at all times; unattended projects may be removed by house staff at any time.
  2. Main lounge must be reserved in advance.
  3. Work must be confined to the ‘beater’ tables located along the wall in the main lounge.
  4. Workspace must be cleaned up (including vacuuming) after work has been finished.
  5. Projects must be stored in your own room, not in public space.

Music Room

Reservations for the music room may be made through our online booking system, and are approved at the discretion of Kimball staff. Please provide name, equipment used, hours, phone number, room number, purpose, and the names of all group members when making a reservation.

Party & Alcohol Policy

Parties in the main lounge must be registered with Party Planning and adhere to University rules. If you're planning on throwing a party, please let a staff member on your hall know just so everyone's in the loop. It'd be great if the same courtesy was extended to neighbors just to give them a heads up.

For students drinking alcohol, we strongly encourage the following practices:

  • There is to be no alcohol overflowing into common spaces (unless the party was preapproved and stays in the main lounge).
  • Please keep your door open when alcohol is being served in your room, for your safety and the safety of your guests.
  • Please pace your drinks responsibly. We are all adults, and must drink responsibly at all times to prevent injury or destruction of property.
  • Please exercise special caution when “pre-gaming,” or drinking in your dorm before continuing to other parties.
  • Please favor beer and wine over hard alcohol when possible.
  • When drinking hard alcohol, please mix it with soda, juice or other mixers, and limiting straight shots – the great majority of alcohol related ambulance transports at Stanford are associated with shots of hard alcohol.
  • Please provide your guests with EANABs (tasty non-alcoholic alternatives).
  • Please inform your RA and those living around you ahead of time.

To keep Kimball’s public spaces open and comfortable for all residents, we allow beer and wine only in the main lounge, and only by reservation. All other lounges, study nooks, balconies, hallways and other open spaces are 100% alcohol free.

To plan your next registered party, please refer to the Party Guide provided by Residential Education.

We--your RFs, RAs, PHE, RCCs and ATAs--are here to help maintain a fun, safe and healthy Kimball community. Let us all work together to build and maintain a culture and community of kindness and respect—for yourselves, for each other, and for the dorm.

Thank you all for your courtesy and consideration—it’s a great pleasure to be your residential staff!

- Kimball Staff 2017-2018