Resident Fellows

Andrew & Erin Todhunter

An award-winning writer, filmmaker and new media consultant, Andrew Todhunter is the author of three books, including the PEN USA Literary Award-winning A Meal Observed, and dozens of articles for national publications including National Geographic, The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal, among others. He has worked on numerous film projects, including productions for Lucasfilm and National Geographic Television. Todhunter teaches writing at Stanford University, at writers conferences and at private workshops in Europe and the United States. He did undergraduate work at the American University of Paris, received his BA in Ancient History from UC Berkeley, studied film production at NYU’s Graduate Department of Film and Television, and received an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University in Los Angeles. He is currently based in Northern California with his wife and three children.

Student Staff

Noam Shemtov

Pronouns: he, him, his
Majors: Philosophy & Comparative Literature
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Interests: Hiking and the outdoors, foreign languages, literature, journalism, philosophy, making a fool of myself in technical classes, and (jazz & other) music. Visit me on the third floor, Branner side, to hang out, listen to music, study in good company, and talk these (and your) interests!
Favorite work of art: Usually something I recently saw/read/experienced. Recently, Light Years, by James Salter. And Middlemarch, always.
Bio: Heyo! I'm Noam, your RA on the third floor, Branner side. I'm starting my second year here at Stanford after transferring from Northwestern in 2016. I'm locally sourced from the Bay Area, though, and, true to form, I love bumming around in the City, hiking in the area, eating foods whose names start with "no" (or end with "free"), and talking about how I "just don't get L.A." When I'm not doing any of those things, I'm probably reading, writing, listening to music, or hammering something out on guitar. I can't wait to get to know you all!

Heather Kramer

Pronouns: she, her
Majors: Computer Science
Hometown: Salem, Oregon
Interests: High School Musical, coffee, Broadway musicals, Parks and Rec, Oregon/the Pacific Northwest in general, Christian community, zumba classes
Favorite work of art: currently Dear Evan Hansen
Bio: Heather is ending her Stanford career with a bang as your 2nd floor RCC (and your one and only RCShe #womenintech). After living in Kimball before and after her winter quarter abroad in Italy last year, she just couldn't stay away. She is excited to get to know this year's Kimball fam, so come hang out with her in her homey palace on the elevator side (room 200) - a safe space to look at memes while pretending to do homework.

Reese Pathak

Pronouns: he, him, his
Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics
Hometown: Camas, Washington
Interests: Program music (jazz, classical, other); running; coffee & tea; literary & creative nonfiction; public policy & politics; House of Cards, OITNB, the latest Netflix original, ......
Favorite work of art: whatever I'm currently transcribing
Bio: Manufactured in 1998, Reese is a pacific-northwesterner-who-loves-snobbery, and your RCC on the first floor, Branner side. Reese comes prepacked with a collection of New Yorker magazines, an eclectic knowledge of music, passion for theory, and love for fine coffees. In the third, updated, "Junior Year" edition, Reese welcomes you to his room for a snack or for a good-old-fashioned musing session. (seriously, I'm eager to know y'all better!)

Yong-hun Kim

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Majors: Computer Science
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Interests: Violin; hip hop dance; Korean Rap + R&B; NBA; squatting; catching up on Boruto; movies; meditation; health; running like Naruto; learning about unique local chains (Bojangles anyone?)
Favorite work of art: Schubert’s String Quintet in C, Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 1
Bio: Hey y’all! My name is Yong-hun, and I’m psyched to be your RCC on the third floor, elevator side! I’m a junior from Chapel Hill who could never really decide whether to go UNC or Duke. I’m an east coast-raised mama’s boy, and I love all things music or musical performance! When I’m not helping fix your network/printer problems, you can find me DJ-ing at KZSU Stanford, getting Dim Sum with the Hong Kong Student Association, or squatting at your local gym. Hit me up in my room (311) for treats so I can get to know you!

Jeffrey Chen

Pronouns: He, Him, His
Majors: Computer Science
Hometown: Ukiah, Ca
Interests: Hiking, backpacking, climbing, eating, snacking, traveling (and eating there too), laughing, smiling, friends, music, MOVIES, Game of Thrones, Chance
Favorite work of art: Coloring book, Casa Blanca
Bio: Jeffrey Chen of House Kimball, First of His Name, King of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lord of Coffee, Protector of the Free Fisherman, The Insomniac, The Night Owl, and Father of Beloved German Shephard Oscar. Pleased to meet you all! I'm an avid backpacker and a lover of the outdoors. I am also commonly found on the basketball courts outside or in my room watching movies. Come hang out and eat food!

Leah Slang

Pronouns: she, her
Majors: Human Biology and Theater and Performance Studies
Hometown: Miller Place, NY
Interests: Television, attempting to write television, listening to/playing music, all things cheese, acting/stage managing/producing theater, strategy games, counseling, coffee (though I'll love drinking tea with you)
Favorite work of art: Port of Morrow (album) by The Shins Curious? Take a listen:
Bio: my name is Leah will always listen to you come for theraPHE

Nylah DePass

Pronouns: she, her
Majors: English, aiming to coterm in Computer Science
Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX
Interests: Books, music, movies, writing, procrastinating on writing, running, yoga, Netflix, playing the piano, singing in the shower (karaoke?)
Favorite work of art: Into the Woods, Lemonade by Beyonce, and whatever book I'm currently reading
Bio: Should you find yourself on the third floor RF side, you may cross paths with a Nylah. Silly in nature, she is prone to crying when she laughs and belting lyrics to songs only she hears in her head. Now a junior, Nylah studies English but has infiltrated the Computer Science department with the hopes of completing a coterm. Find her in room 371 reading (when she should be studying) and watching movies she's seen a dozen times before (feed her with recommendations). She's excited to meet you all and hang out over snacks anytime (every time).

Vanessa Campos (Vanessa or V work for me!)

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Majors: Political Science
Hometown: Seattle, WA (not a suburb...the city!)
Interests: Reading, Drinking Tea, Eating Burritos, Sushi, and Indian Food, Loving People, Netflix, Hugs, Photography, Travel, Sailor Moon, Coffee, Seattle, Water (rain or drinking)
Favorite work of art: The Book Thief (book) & Cabaret (musical)
Bio: It was a dark and cloudy were in your room studying a subject you barely care about yet somehow are majoring in until you change your mind next week. You hear laughter, smell tea, and finally make out the words echoing down the hall "MAN! I love clouds and darkness, they give the sky character!" Then, a weird fun bun and clear glasses peak around the corner, and a "hey what's up!?" dances out of the mouth you can't see yet. It is your RA, Vanessa.... Do you say A. "not much, go away weirdo" OR B. "What's up indead, I'll take some of that fine tea you're doling out".... Let's just say, I will always be your b in Kimball, I hope you can be mine! Peace, Tea, Love, and Me, your RA V!

Elise Gonzalez

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Majors: Symbolic Systems, minoring in Human Rights
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Interests: hiking, climbing, and nature in general; space (outer and personal); breakfast; new orleans; any type of creative expression, especially music; dogs; animated movies & shows
Favorite work of art: A Seat at the Table by Solange Knowles & 1984 by George Orwell
Bio: Hey! I'm Elise, I'll be your 3rd floor RA this year on the elevator side. I'm a shameless lover of my hometown -- you'll probably catch me listening to brass bands on Spotify, practicing Bourbon Street Parade on electric bass, or making (and happily sharing!) jambalaya as comfort food at some point this year. I love talking to people about things they're passionate about, so feel free to come flop around my room and tell me about your favorite stuff!

Mayuka Sarukkai

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Majors: Symbolic Systems
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Interests: singing, dancing, music, tea, yogurt, foodz, cuddles, walking everywhere, messy fun intersections of disciplines #symsys, fresh air, meeting people and listening their stories!!
Favorite work of art: Mural Alley in SF and recent bumpings with art
Bio: Hiiii Mayuka here! I can’t contain my excitement that I’m your RA this year. When I’m not actively containing said excitement, I am probably investigating a new vegetarian menu somewhere, singing along to a playlist of random R&B/jazz-electronic tunes, or stretching my limbs a little too aggressively in public spaces. Come sprawl on my floor pillows, munch on some snacks and tea, listen to music, and tell me about you and what you care about (or what you need to vent about)! Room 171 (first floor RF side) awaits your magic.

Christina Buchanan

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Majors: Management Science and Engineering
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Interests: singing, Rick and Morty, heading to the beach, memes, reggae, hating on CS classes, Kanye, matcha, dogs, Mozart, hiking, kale salads!, hot pilates, creamistry, anything and everything California has to offer :)
Favorite work of art: anything by dvorak
Bio: Oh Christina? I heard she's just another socal girl tryna make it in Sillicon Valley. I think you can catch her hiking the dish, practicing for an upcoming opera, drinking tea, doing homework at coupa, complaining about cold weather, procratinating by tagging others in memes, swooning over dogs, and doing other "basic" things. I also heard she loves having visitors and can't wait to meet everyone in Kimball! Come ~chill~ w/ her in room 115 #firstfloorsquad

Jeramiah Winston

Pronouns: he/him/his
Majors: Art Practice
Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Interests: Rick and Morty, Anime, musicals, hip hop, art, horror novels, romantic comedies, graphic design, water color, and JOKEEES
Favorite work of art: Melodrama
Bio: Come one, come all, residents of all ages, to the greatest show on earth- The Jeramiah Experience! I'm Jeramiah and I'll be your RA for this year. I can't wait to get to know you and all of your quirks and nuances. One of mine is that I both own a harmonica and cannot play it. Another is that you can normally find me chilling in my room, doing art of varying quality in the art room,or reluctantly learning to swing dance. If you want to talk about anything from Japanese animation to the current social political climate to the horrors of Chem 31, I'm your guy. I can't wait to get to know you all this year!